Reorganization of Central Staff - DISD

Reorganization of Central Staff

Effective today, Jan. 3, central staff will have a revised reporting structure. This reorganization will not impact all departments.

The major changes include changing the name of Human Resources Department to the Division of Human Capital. Claudia Rodriguez has been reclassified as the Chief Human Capital Officer and will report directly to the superintendent.

Jacqueline Landry, executive director – Professional Development, and the Professional Development Department now will report to the Chief Human Capital Officer.

John Blackburn, Chief of Police – Police and Security Services, and the Police Department also will report to the Division of Human Capital.

The district's new chief financial officer, Alan King, will start his position Jan. 18. Phil Jimerson, deputy chief of operations, and the entire Operations Department (Bond, Construction, Facilities, Maintenance, Food and Child Nutrition Services, and Transportation departments) will now report to the chief financial officer.

Donna Micheaux’s title will change to chief schools officer, and the executive directors of the learning communities will have their titles changed to senior executive directors.

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Mike Miles has began his tenure in the Dallas ISD in a very insulting way. It is a slap in the face to employees that have been in the district for YEARS, and have not received a pay raise. It is also a slap in the face to employees that have been laid off, or have had their salary decreased. Chinese Mike has significantly increased the salaries for several homemade positions, layered the administration positions, as if they're all needed. Yet, we are in a financial crisis, and the very people that carry this district from day to day, are not even appreciated with a $1. THE MORAL ACROSS THE DISTRICT WILL REMAIN LOW. And we are tired of "JUST BE HAPPY YOU HAVE A JOB". Let that be the case for anybody that is employed, but not at the expense of being dogged. PLEASE!

I agree with you. Something

I agree with you. Something should be done about it. At least when other districts over the country increase time, they add money and resources...not Dallas. In fact, if you check your outlook benefits form, Dallas is not giving a dime for health care...We got another pay decrease.

Mike Miles has began his tenure in the Dallas ISD in a very insu

Interesting, how long is this "one" going to last. I had hopes, but what DISD hired was another Mikey, well into his first month and looks like he is going ahead with, buddy system.
Along with SIN, (Ms. Newsome) she has been a part of nearly every scandal that DISD received poor press over, yet she remains, along with the Fridai empire. Can anyone say NEPOTISM?????
what the heck, just another day in the salt mines.
What is the deal with custodians being fired from various campuses? Looks like they are trying to squeeze salary budgets for more of Mikey's hiring plans.

Mike Miles

I predict he won't last as long as Hiney did. And, I'm already of the opinion that he's worse. Just the fact that he did not do due dilligance on SIN speaks volumes as to who he really is. How can anyone come into a district like this, or any other top level job, and not check out all the people who remain behind from stem to stern?

If I had done ANY of the things SIN has done with impunity, I would be so far back in a prison somewhere I would never see the light of day again. Then of course I am the wrong color to get away with these shennigans. DISD is the most anti-white place I've ever had the displeasure to be involved with.

All of this DISD junk is fast becoming a distant memory. Where I live now I'm in the majority for a change. And it feels good. The years I spent in DISD were some of the most awful years of my life, other than the colleagues I was blessed with.

Following is a recap of my DISD years:

Racism unless you're black or Hispanic, uncaring, nit-picking, ridiculous, seeing administrators constantly promoted to their highest levels of incompetence, shocking stupidity, a total lack of respect for teachers or their dignity, denigration of the individual which was awful to witness, always feeling big brother is watching, living every work day paranoid that it would be your last day, seeing caring competent colleagues badgered, belittled, lied about and finally run-off, witnessing students verbally harassing teachers and staff, knowing for a fact that certain teachers WERE physically assaulted and then having to watch as nothing is done, putting up with demoralizing tirades from principals and other administrators, knowing that nothing you do, ever, will be enough to please them, knowing that what you did last year won't be either enough or right this coming year, putting up with walk-throughs from people who don't have a clue as to what you teach or enough smarts to ask you ahead of time so they can be somewhat prepared to understand the lesson before they throw you under the bus, I could go on and on; however just writing about these memories is starting to get my blood pressure up and DISD isn't worth that.

100 years from now nothing will have changed. DISD puts the P in the Peter Principal on every level.

[Ed Note: Though I'm disappointed with some of the seemingly perennial issues that plague the District, I'm also a little more optimistic than you are. I am going to give him a chance. I'll start to be more active, again, about the District next Spring. One thing to understand: it took years to make the problems we have--it will take years to undo the damage. Some of the damage will likely have to retire. Others may be able to be moved along a bit quicker. But I'm a little less pessimistic than I was that things are going to change overall.]

Mike Miles

Ed Note: You won't live long enough to see any meaningful changes in DISD. People have been optimistic for years......and it stays the same. Miles will run afowl of the powers who really control the district and he'll be gone in 3-4 years tops. That will be long enough for him to ensure a cushy retirement. Want to bet?

[Ed Note: You can certainly stake odds, but I wouldn't bet the farm on all of that. There are some culture-changing things being put into play. Leadership has had a marked change. I think people are going to have to change, across the board, or find other employment. As far as retirement: Miles already has a cushy retirement.]

Mikey Miles versus Mikey Hinojosa, what is the difference.

Big nothing! Except Mikey Miles is not quite as smooth as Hinojosa.
Same oh crap. Like.
Hiring unqualified people, giving them huge salaries and made up promotions.
Hiring Inexperience Phantom administrators from Podunk, school districts, or worse girlfriend, or from business sector does that has conflicting interests in giving teachers unfair valuation for personal gain. Teacher for America, for example, and headhunter firms connected to school board members.
Rousting experience employees, because there is an imaginary budget shortfall. Then turn around and make multimillion dollar deals with companies designed to eliminate all employees.
Intentional harassment of employees by using an evaluation system that cannot be justified equality.
Plus their new schemes to bilk the district out of future monies in the form of this great program or that great machine. All unnecessary when classroom sizes are out of control because of lack of experience employees of course it is not supposed to work if you can cut and run with a lot of money. Like all the other superintendents.
Spend money spent money spend money unnecessarily. This is not corporate America this is public money and the school board and the superintendent are not good stewards.
These never-ending public scams will only stop when school district is really broke.

If you want to save money, make sure all employees have basically the same contract. No special contracts for administration. One year max, like other contractual employees...
All employees should have the same insurance plan as prescribed by the State.
Rollback the exorbitant salaries of administrators, especially the so-called top ones, now.
All employers should pay for their own cell phones
All moving expenses should be paid by employees.
All employees receive a travel allowance should submit document paperwork to justify as though they were giving information documentation to the internal revenue service.

Reduced number administrators by 90% unless they are directly working daily at a school for teaching some classes would be nice to have that high paid brainpower in the classroom, Laugh out loud
Get out all those expensive out of district contracts firms.
Remember a public employee is a public employee should be subject to equality in the distribution of public funds.

Would he hire her if she was NOT young and pretty?????

All of her AWARDS?? Look at this stuff I found!
He needs his SPINTRESS. She is underpaid for an escort! He is just confused and he has a NEED! for her service!
OK Folks! We get it! Dallas is a big cold city and you need your social circle because we scare you!

Apply here for awards to get Smiley to pay you $$$$$$!

Here is the application to get all those "awards" that impress Mr.SMiles
If she is "all that PR lady", why doesn't she Defend her value?
Things that make ya go Hmmmmm?

[Ed Note: The guy hasn't even been here 2 months and you all are ready to throw him to the wolves! How do you suggest the District proceed? Who would you hire?]

Ed, he is not yet here, officially.

Ya know the coyotes are all over town, not wolves!

First off, I did not have the job posted to collect applicants, so I do not have any official say so, but if I did have anything to do with it, I would conduct the necessary due diligence, then proceed with a plan of transparency and honor-ability.
This is too much like Arnie and Patty who caused us to lose how much in Federal funding due to non-compliance?

I would hire a person with appropriate experience ALREADY making over 6 figures without any issues or complaints, or I would pay this new hire a wage that was inline with the level of experience, until proven worthy of nearly a quarter million per year, plus all expenses provided.

I would have at least a few other resumes to consider. I would want the school district that the person was at to have enough regard to have a counter offer and then I would consider the best option for the position. To have the first introduction of the PR person being a PR disaster is, in the least, illuminating.

Do you think we should give her a chance to go without observation, so we have the worst case scenario? What I think is not going to influence them. They have all the money, I just am required to pay more. I see she won an award for Mill Rate PR. Just what I want, more taxes without representation!

Doesn't the BOT have the responsibility to approve this? I see Dan thinks she is getting too much. Will he do something other than Dis Bruce?

With this relevant info mom of 2 you earned $100K raise...

Well thought out unlike mikey & school board.

Leadership DISD graduates first class

I just saw this announcement in the DMN

Leadership DISD, a community-based leadership development program, recently celebrated the graduation of its inaugural group, the Class of 2012. The 80 graduates spent more than 60 hours examining the workings of public education systems, developing leadership skills and collaborating with classmates to positively affect the achievement of students. The 2013 class begins in September. Thirty-five seats will be available. Applications, available at, are due July 20.


We need people to do this development. I participated in the LISD version and it gave me insight on how to effect the correct path for my children's education.
Great program, indeed! Keep it up DISD!

There's nothing for DISD to

There's nothing for DISD to "keep up". It's not a DISD initiative.

Silly me!

You are correct. The thought that DISD wanted to develop community leadership was blinding me!
I may take the program! Seems like a great opportunity.

Go for it! They're taking

Go for it! They're taking applications now at

ridiculous salary

Mikey Miles should know that when a Dallas ISD superintendent starts claiming gender or race discrimination. We all know, there lying once again...
I am sure he feels satisfied hiring a trusted old friend he thinks can do a job for him,
What we object to is ridiculous salaries, including Mikey ridiculous salary.
Get this Mikey it is about the money, money, money, money, money, money, get it!
We have been told over and over again is a financial emergency!

Mikey Miles

You kind sir, have said it all--you express the feelings of us all.

Claudia Rodriguez

Claudia Rodriguez
the Chief Human Capital Officer
has resigned This morning.

Claudia Rodriguez

What a wonderful day for DISD that this person has finally been caught up with. Obviously she made her last stupid mistake when she gave the call to put the poor elementary teacher on leave. She could not have made a bigger mistake and deserves to go. The next one to go should be that Deidre Bell Hunter who is in employee relations and degrades everyone she comes in contact with. Your guilty before she ever sees you and she treats everyone like dirt. Everyone knows how she got her job to by being kin to one of the oldtimers. Clean house and let her go too. She bears a lot of the blame for the horrible reputation DISD has and the poor people skills that have everyone so disgusted with this district.

What If We Treated Doctors The Way We Treat Teachers?

Shaun Johnson: What If We Treated Doctors The Way We Treat Teachers?
January 24, 2011 18:27:05

A good friend and colleague who is now in Chicago first gifted me with this parable. It's been in my thoughts lately as my wife pursues her medical degree. In fact, she and I have talked about this at length, and when making comparisons between how physicians and teachers are treated, she is just as astounded.

Parallels are occasionally noted between medical training and education, especially the capstone clinical experiences present in both professions. Let us pretend that physicians of all specialties were held to similar measures of accountability and enveloped with the same kinds of discourses that we see in education reform debates. What might that look like, and how would the general public, in addition to doctors, feel about that?

It would not take a skilled social scientist to observe that, despite exceptional achievements in treating disease and diagnostic technologies, for example, the medical profession is failing. It has failed in its tasks to disseminate good information about health, quash misconceptions, fight corporations and health lobbies that keep people sick, and prevent high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, particularly in low-income populations. What do we do about this? Well, I have a few proposals listed in no particular order:

We must begin to hold all physicians accountable, regardless of specialization, to certain quantifiable measures of health, namely cholesterol levels, blood pressure, weight, and BMI. All patients assigned to a physician must meet specific annual minimum standards of health. Bad doctors will be those who do not meet their patients' annual minimums, and they may be subject to certain penalties if the health scores of their patients do not improve in a reasonable amount of time.

It will be mandatory for the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as all of the major governing bodies in medicine, to set a goal for reaching universal health and well-being in the United States. That is, a target year will be identified in which every person will achieve the ideal values in cholesterol, blood pressure, and BMI. Future targets may include assessments of mental health. A specific interval of time will also be determined to assess all patients for these values. Although pharmaceuticals may be used to stabilize or improve health outcomes, the patient must not be on any medications at the time of assessment unless approved by an official of the administrative body of the national health assessments.

Quantifiable variables will be utilized to evaluate all practices and hospitals. All of this information will be made public. Additionally, medical schools will be evaluated based on the quantifiable health of patients in the care of their graduates. Medical schools will subsequently be ranked based on the health outcomes of their graduates' patients regardless of specialty. Given more advanced statistical models, these numbers could ultimately be used to assess the impact of pre-medical programs at the undergraduate level.

In certain high needs areas, such as family practice, emergency medicine, or in practices in low income areas, alternative routes to being licensed will be provided. Moreover, data will determine what skills are necessary to impart in the curriculum of such programs. For instance, if a certain community prevails in specific medical conditions over others, then time will not be wasted covering rare conditions so that alternative programs can operate expeditiously.

Barriers to participation will be lowered in certain instances, in the form of direct subsidies or significant tax exemptions, for the opening of small hospitals or short-term care centers by private organizations or motivated members of the community.

Any hospital or practice is subject to a turnaround plan if minimum health requirements are not met. Should the facility not meet those requirements of minimum annual health, the entire staff will be terminated and reconstituted with more competent practitioners. Moreover, staff may be required to enroll in continuing medical education in advanced and remedial level re-licensing courses, including basic physics, chemistry, and biology.

In addition to in- or out-of-network information and basic demographics, an online data warehouse will be established that will provide all health data and outcomes for every licensed physician in the United States, regardless of specialty. The individual physician's education, license information, and health outcomes of patients will be listed. Should in-network physicians be deemed unfit for local health care consumers, the Federal government, with matching funds by health providers, will offer subsidies for consumers to see other practitioners.

Finally, a certain percentage of any and all physicians' patients will be assigned to them, care of those who qualify will be fully covered by providers. This will ensure adequate racial, income, and overall demographic diversity of clientele. The annual minimum health outcome data of these patients will also be included in the physician's overall quality.

Did I miss any? What if we indeed held doctors and other professionals to the same bloat and condescension that we currently hold teachers? I can predict some of the responses that physicians might make: "We can't control what our patients do or eat outside of our offices to maintain minimum levels of health. Also, these variables -- BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure -- are limited and don't adequately measure a healthy person. And one other thing, you can't expect us to be evaluated based on all patients equally, regardless of family history, poverty, and other complications." As an educator, my sentiments exactly!

Rawley Sanchez

Rawley Sanchez is one of the worst principals in the DISD. Can anyone tell me why he is currently allowed to lead a low performing school when he clearly does not have a clue about any instructional programs? Did he even teach a core subject? Continuously, he brags about the great things he did while in leadership at Adamson. Is there any truth to his stories? If so, I wonder why he has failed to implement any consistent plan at Spruce. He has only managed to use the divide and conquer management strategy for control as he talks behind everyone's back. He professes to have an open door policy only to collect the necessary information to use against any staff who challenges his authority or threatens his ability to develop a "dynasty" at Spruce. Yes, he is a charmer, but there is absolutely no substance under the "pretty face." DISD, the students at Spruce deserve so much better. When Rawley Sanchez fails this year, you (DISD) may blame the students and their families as usual; however, the true blame should be placed at the feet of the leadership that you all hired. Students with the highest need deserve the best leadership, from the principal's office to the classroom. Too bad we shortchange high risk students while taking mucho dinero from the government and other agencies. Shame on you, DISD! I blame you for the almost certain future of failure that Spruce will experience this year and future years if Rawley Sanchez continues to be the leader!

Spruce is a career blackhole

Really? Seriously? You blame the principal for the continuous low performing status of Spruce? Principal after principal the school is low performing. Blame DISD for not preparing the principal for the nightmare he/she faces at Spruce. They were best principals before they woke up to the reality that Spruce is a hardcore school. Blame the community for not responding to the needs of the school. Spruce is a career ender and a blackhole for those who are assigned to lead the school. Seriously, no one wants to lead a bad school like Spruce.


They were the best principals?? Really?? Keith Heath?? Leon James?? LOL!

The reason he is allowed to

The reason he is allowed to lesd a school is becsuse of who he knows or is connected to. That is the reason for all disd principal hires

The reason he's allowed to

The reason he's allowed to lead (NOT "lesd")schools is because he knows and cares about our children!!!

J. Landry

I hear that Ms. Landry is on leave. Wondering if anyone knows whether this is a voluntary or involuntary leave.

J. Landry Leave

My understanding is that Ms. Landry was asked to step down from her interim position and return to overseeing professional development. She saw this as a demotion, refused the new assignmwent, and took a voluntary leave of absence as a precursor to retirement.

Reorganization of Central Staff-DISD

Does anybody know if Sylvia Lopez will remain as Director of Counselors in DISD?

Reorganization of Central Staff-DISD

Does anyone know how much longer Sylvia will remain in the downtown Counseling dept?

save money

Interesting posting from Dallas morning news blog:

When I was in school administrators were paid the same daily rate as if they were a teacher. If they wanted more money they had to work more Days. Plus, Dallas has 10 times more administrators than they possibly could use. Every employee had the same contract protections and the same insurance plan. Non contract and contract people were treated like human beings. School boards approve programs as though it were a public trust, not personal retirement plans. Conflicts of interest were avoided at all cost or the Decision-maker who was School board members with personal involvement in those companies would abstain from voting. This is how to save real money..

Sylvia Lopez

Supposedly Sylvia was fixing to be removed immediately and she pulled the old "Please let me stay, and I will retire at the end of the year." I understand someone from special education is now over the counselors and Sylvia has no power. Susie Fagg has also been moved and has nothing to do with counselors anymore either. Oh my what will happen to all of "Sylvia's girls" when she leaves? Who will take care of the "Robins."

Sylvia Lopez

Is Robin gone? Why not Sylvia?

Sylvia Lopez

With the new superintendent just starting out and the District having a huge deficiency of funds, why is DISD hiring two new Counseling Supervisors???? We understand that old Sylvia is still hanging on. Perhaps when she leaves, her old salary will be enough to pay the two new incoming ones.

Sylvia's salary

According to Allen's Salary Database from the Fall '09, her salary was 100,560 over 2 years ago !!

Sylvia's salary

If she was making over 100,000 dollars a year 2 years ago, what is she making now and is she earning it?

counseling department

I understand that robin took a counseling job at molina hs. she knows something we don't, obviously. where is sylvia headed? home? kilpatrick will also prob head home.

counseling department

Sylvia needs to go--her huge salary was so NOT justified; being a bully with no counseling skills were not what this job needed. Kilpatrick's previous record as a counselor should have kept him from moving downtown. If Robin had had any "people skills", she might have been able to do her job. Robert Munoz was such a good, kind leader that all counselors looked up to and so was Margret Herrera.

Counseling and the Org Chart

Counseling is not under Special Education, it has been moved to the School Leadership Division, which is headed by Sherry Christian. There were 8 programs moved from Dr. Fagg to Ms. Cristian. By the way, I had always heard that Dr. Fagg was a good leader. Any word on why she was demoted?

Did not say that counseling

Did not say that counseling was under special education, but that someone from special education previously, was now over the counselors. Obviously that is Sherry Christian.

Counseling is not under

Counseling is not under Special Education, it has been moved to the School Leadership Division, which is headed by Sherry Christian. There were 8 programs moved from Dr. Fagg to Ms. Cristian. By the way, I had always heard that Dr. Fagg was a good leader. Any word on why she was demoted?

Sylvia Lopez

She should have been removed a long time ago and she needs to take "Chaz" with her--it is good to hear that her "kingdom" is crumbling. She had no idea what Counseling and Guidance was!!!! She needs to stop her "whining" and complaining and pack up her bags (not the ones under her eyes) and leave!!!

what have you heard

what have you heard regarding sylvia?

Same question for Craig

Same question for Craig Welle? Is he gone?

Reorganization of Central Staff-DISD

Hopefully DISD will get a Director of Counselors that is actually able to WORK with counselors and actually UNDERSTANDS what the job of counselor is--an ADVOCATE for counselors is desperately needed.


The district's new chief financial officer, Alan King, will start his position Jan. 18. Phil Jimerson, deputy chief of operations, and the entire Operations Department (Bond, Construction, Facilities, Maintenance, Food and Child Nutrition Services, and Transportation departments) will now report to the chief financial officer. and give them a pay raise so that eventually all the cronies get another large raise. Is anyone really surprised by this ploy? How stupid the DISD taxpayers and board are for buying this title change bull. And you are correct, whoever needs the title "Human Capital." However, in DISD that's what most of us are "captal" that be dispensed, spend, thrown around, and used. So in essence, I guess it is a pretty good title for the mafia.

The Linden Method Is A Scam--Don't Be Taken!

These raises were necessary

These raises were necessary due to upcoming educational cuts from the State. Now Hinojosa can protect his friends by either:

1. Saying these contracts (including his own) are obligation which must be met to avoid legal consequences. Notice how they were pushed through prior to this legislative session.

2. Raise someones salary so that an across the board salary cut will wash out.

Police Chief, John

Police Chief, John Blackburn, no relation I assume?

[Ed Note: Huh?]

Police Chief John Blackburn

I take it you're not very familiar with DISD board members and personnel, huh : - )

[Ed Note: Oh! Well I'd say that they're related except that John Blackburn is white and Lew is African American :) ]

Define Capital

Capital: Wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value. Does this mean we are going from an educational organization to a commercial for profit organization?

[Ed Note: No, occasionally we get spammers who post something strange with a link to a website. In this case, we changed their link to point to a web page that outs them as a scam. Spammers need to READ before they post here :) That's one more backlink that will be indexed by Google. Actually, I'm in a weird mood so I'm going to do them one better.]

Personal Money Store a Scam?

I ran across a website claiming The Personal Money Store is a scam. There are certainly many people who try to post back links as parts of inane comments in forums across the Internet. Fortunately, there are sites like Dallas.Org who change links when spammers spam them! Thanks, Dallas.Org!

Human Capital

It is a way for the DISD to justify treating people like non human, and still feel like they deserve to go to something other than the heck realm they earning abode points for(as in Karma.) At least they are trying to do something... Now only if they educated the kids, just think, is that outside the box or What!